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Wondering how to write a love letter? Searching for examples of love letters all over the internet? Looking for tips to draft out a beautiful love letter? You’ve come to the right place! Well, writing a love letter was very common in the past when soldiers were taken on a mission trip away from their loved ones – it could be months or even years! With the advancement in communication, love letters seem to fade away from the modern communication channels.

Many people struggle to translate their feeling to what they write for love letters. In that case, we got you covered! We came up with 3 easy steps to follow to start writing your love letter for your partner today. Following our 3 steps formula will literally enable you to put through your feeling on a paper as if you’re directly talking to her with your heart.

  1. Purpose
  2. Incident
  3. Ending
  4. Starting Your Love Letter With Purpose

Giving your partner a letter is fantastic. However, he or she doesn’t even know what the letter is if you didn’t state your purpose or intention. It’s always great if you let your partner know it is a love letter at the starting paragraph.

You don’t want your partner to assume it’s just another note/to-do-list which he or she will just brush it off and chuck it at one corner. That’s perhaps the last thing you want to happen! It’s recommended to start your first paragraph with something like…

– “Knowing you is the greatest thing that happened in my entire existence.”

– “Loving you is something I just can’t stop.”

– “Your voice makes me tremble inside”

  1. Recall An Incident

Recollect a wonderful time both of you spent together. In a relationship, what’s phenomenal is both of you shared some common memories. The time both of you spend is uniquely different from other couple’s experiences. Thus, you might want to consider starting your letter with a memory both of you treasures. Not only does this help to draw up the past wonderful feeling, it also helps to score you points for remembering your dates! (Wink wink)

For example, you could write, “I could still remember the day I first met you – wearing a white floral dress from H&M which suit you from head to toe at our school graduation night. You were beaming while seated on table 13. At that instance, my heart dropped dead. Staring blankly at the love of my life and I instinctively smiled. I knew that I had to meet you.”

  1. Ending With A Bam!

When writing your last paragraph, it’s alright to err on the side of cheesiness. The most important point to take note is to be your true self. Be authentic! Tell the truth and only the truth. Write only things you truly feel. You might want to include photos of both of you having the time of your life.

Love Letter Example #1


Love Letter Example #2


Love Letter Example #3


Need additional tips to write your love letter? Well, below are some amazing tips that was shared on Buzzfeed website!

  1. Don’t worry that love letters are a thing of the past
  2. Consider writing a love letter to someone who is not a romantic partner
  3. Don’t worry too much about making it sound like A Love Letter
  4. If you don’t know where to start, make “past, present, and future” the outline of your post

Want more tips from buzzfeed? Visit https://www.buzzfeed.com/rachelwmiller/how-to-write-a-love-letter where Rachel Wilkerson Miller wrote “15 Tips For Writing An Amazing Love Letter”.


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