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Within the next 3 minutes reading this this article, you’ll discover the top 4 reasons why people write a letter to themselves. Doing this exercise is extremely insightful as you’re on the way to uncover more things about yourself.

Quick Introduction To SG Letter [ Just in case you don’t know us yet! 😉 ]

Imagine writing a letter to your future self in 1 year time from now, then 1 year down the road you will be able to open that very letter you wrote to yourself. Similar to what time capsule is all about, writing a letter to yourself is a powerful tool to connect with yourself at on deeper level and is often used as goal achievement – writing down what you would like to say to your future self helps you to crystallize what you want to achieve in the future.

Then how does SG Letter come into play? SG Letter assist you in safekeeping your letters and mailing it to you in the future.

1. Instill Gratitude Within Yourself

“If the only prayer you say in your life is ‘thank you,’ that would suffice.”

– Meister Eckhart

Instill Gratitude Within Yourself

Being able to have gratitude is being thankful. Once you master the art of gratitude, you’ll reduce your stress load and realize the amazing things you have currently. In today’s fast paced society, we might not have time to pause and count our blessing and acknowledge everything you receive. Research by Southern Methodist University and University Of California have shown that being grateful results in the person being quick-witted, energetic, focused and optimistic.

2. Increase Awareness Of Yourself

Increase Your Self Awareness

Have you ever scrolled through your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram and just look at the things you posted? The video you have taken in the past.. Or the photo you posted with a friend of yours… Or maybe even a Facebook post…

You might feel a little uncomfortable. (Maybe its watching a video of yourself with your voice) This is a healthy discomfort as you begin to absorb the changes between your past and the present. The only reason why you’re in discomfort (if at any point you felt embarrassed about yourself) you’re having full awareness of your growth.

A personal story of mine, I was taken aback at grown in 4 years time. The first obvious change of mine was my handwriting… LOL! But in a more formal note, it was 2 changes that matters- how much I had changed, and how little I had changed. It’s really amazing when we look at how we can grow and shape who we are, but ultimately at the end of the day we are still who we are.

3. Set Aims & Goals

SMART Goal Setting

Want to achieve something in life? Is there a specific area in your life you wish you can improve on?

Maybe you’re at the lowest point of your life, stuck in a mundane 9am to 7pm job or if you think you’re failing at almost everything you’re doing.

Through this exercise of writing yourself a letter in 1, 5 or 10 years down the road, you’ll be able to gain clarity of what you want to achieve in your life, able to allocate your resources effectively and feel the urge of motivation to achieve greater heights. (who doesn’t feel excited thinking they’ve already achieved what they set out for?)

Dream big. Let your mind run wild and just think of what you really wish to achieve during a specific time frame. Write down the goal as specific as possible. Take for example, write down “I will be the top #1 for math examination in End Of Year Examination.” instead of “I wish to score better for math examination.” or “I will be the best in math”.

You’re adviced to follow the SMART tool when setting your goals.

4. Leave A Wonderful Memory

Leave A Wonderful Memory

About to get married? Just graduated from secondary/JC/poly/university? Transiting into a new phase in life? There’s no better way to remember this very date than handwriting a letter to your future self. Jot down your feelings, thoughts and emotion. You could also take a few photos and attached it with the letter.

For instance, if you’re getting married or if you’re wondering what you should be doing for your anniversary, write a letter to each other and acknowledge and commemorate one another for being there when you need them the most. Set the date of the letter to receive to be 3, 5, 10 or 20 years!

If you’re currently a student, you could write a letter to yourself. What do you want to be in the future? How well do you wish to score for your examinations? What would you like to achieve when you graduated from the school? All of these questions could be what you would like to write about.

Just imagine receiving the very letter you wrote to yourself 1, 3, 5, 1o, 20 years back… Wouldn’t it leave a wonderful memory?