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Convinced from our previous blog post (4 reasons for writing yourself letters) to write a letter to your future self? Congratulation, you are a step closer to write a letter to the future! In this short article, you will discover different ways you could adopt in writing your very own letter.

You will also gain our SG Letter’s Guideline Template for absolutely ZERO DOLLARS! Just keep reading on to reap the tremendous values we have prepared just for you.

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But before that, you might ponder how to write a letter to yourself. We have put together 10 important guidelines to follow when writing a letter to yourself.

What To Write About

1. Starting Your Letter With “Dear Future Me,…”

Every extraordinary movie or stories have a strong introduction and ending – and writing a letter is not an exception! Start your letter with “Dear Future Me,” or “Dear (Include Your Name),” makes it more personal than writing “Hi,”. Your letter should be as personal as possible.

2. Write In Second Person

Write your letter in a second person language and give advice to yourself. Ensure that your tone is personal yet straight to the point. Having to look at yourself in a second person point of view allows you to reflect and take your personal judgment away and look at things in another perspective.

3. Pen Down Your Dreams

Who do you wish to be like? What are your life goals? (Be it intellectual, finance or spiritual) The more you can visualize clearly what you want to be and being able to write down more specifically about your dreams, the more you will see yourself shifting towards it.

4. Write Down Your Challenges You Are Facing

By writing down what’s happening in your life, you can reflect on what had happened in your life when you read your letter in the future. This will help you reminisce the time you wrote the letter and see yourself growing tremendously.

5. Who are the top 5 most important person you would like to thank, and why?

This letter might be for yourself but writing a letter to your future self is more of exploring yourself and others. In this world, we all make an impact on other’s people life and they too affect and shape our lives.

6. What are you anxious about now when you think of the future?

Sometimes it is better to leave things that are not within your control. Focus on your control area and you can watch it expand. However, you might want to pull out all your negativity, your anxiety, about your future onto your paper which might make you feel a little better.

7. What is your biggest regret at this point in time?

There bound to be many things we regret in life. Things that we missed or things that we should have done otherwise. By penning down, you start to consciously think through about your life’s mistake and learn from them.

8. What are you excited most when you think of the future?

Tell your future self what you wish to know. Are you excited about what kind of cars you will be driving? What kind of holiday’s trip after your examinations? What kind of things you wish you could do in the future but not at the moment?

9. What was your favorite food/book this year?

Reading what you just wrote 1, 3, 5 or 10 years down the road about things you like is just incredible.

10. One final question for yourself…

If you woke up the next day forgetting everything that happened in your life, what is ONE important thing you like to remind yourself when you open this letter?

Guidelines mentioned above will provide you with a basic framework of how you can get started to write your very own letter to your future self. We also provided you with some points you could talk about in your letter.

However, an essential part of the entire letter is sincerity. Writing a letter sincerely is truly the most heartfelt and heartwarming thing to read in the future. Just be yourself!

Oh, and of course, remember to sign off with your name, signature and the date you wrote your letter. You might even want to include a “P.S.” in your letter!