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About SG Letter

Want to write a letter to yourself in the future? Want to jot down all the wonderful memories you have with your partner and receive it on your anniversary? Want to tell someone about your illness in the future and how much you care for them? You’ll be able to achieve these with SG Letter mailing service.

SG Letter is based in Singapore where we work with strong passion and desire because we want to help to solve the biggest problem in writing yourself or loved ones a letter and receiving it in the future.

As the pioneer of the industry in Singapore, SG Letter is a platform where we bridge you and the future. We offer you the ability to connect with yourself  deeply as you write a letter to yourself, friends or even family members.

Writing and receiving your letters is made easy with SG Letter! We offer you the most secure and reliable service with top notch customer service. Just engage us and enjoy the freedom to relax as we ensure your letters are delivered to you on time and safely without compromising your personal details.

SG Letter open multiple door for you as you can tap on our service to tell anyone about anything you do not dare to do so at the moment, setting your goals to review it in the future or even for entertainment!

Ready? Start writing your letter now.

About SG Letter