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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question in mind for SG Letter? Below we answer some of the common questions we received. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Contact us or write to us via-email at You’ll be notified when our staff answer your request.

What is

SG Letter is a platform for those who wish to send a letter by paper to oneself, friends or family but not immediately. It could be after 1 month, 1 year or even 10 years. Letters may be written in any language and there isn’t any restrictions. You could write your letter online or by paper (depending on your selected plan) and you’ll receive a hard copy of it through a letter send to the specified mailing address.

Are my personal details kept confidential?

All our customer’s details are kept in confidential. We do not disclose any of our customer’s details to ensure your privacy is our top priority. SG Letter have also taken extra security measures by storing all online letters received, emails and data on a highly secured sever.

Is my letters safe?

To ensure your letters are safe, we made no second thought of investing in the security and safekeeping of your letters. Online letters will be stored in our Linux CentOS server with our highly secured and encrypted security in place. Physical letters will be handled by the most reliable mailing company in Singaore, SingPost. To avoid any potential errors, letters will be received and handled by SingPost. Letters will then be processed by us and stored in a locked, fireproof safe at a secure location.

When will I receive my letters?

Letters will be send to you based on your plan. If you selected our standard plan, you will receive your letter on 1st January. You will be able to select the duration with a limitation of 5 years. For example, if you send your letter to us on 27 February 2016 and selected the duration to be 4 years, you will be receiving your letter on the 1st January 2020 via local normal mail.

If you selected our premium plan, you will receive your letter on the specified date upon purchase. You will be able to select the duration with no limitation of years. For example, if you would like to receive your letter on the 25th December 2025.

In case of address changes, how can I change it?

We understand that the mailing address of your mail may change over time. In such cases, you could write to us or contact us via our contact page. Our team will change your letter mailing address.

Can I attach a photo to my letter?

For standard plan, you can attach at most 1 photo to your letter. However, the photo will be printed in black and white on paper. For premium plan, you can attach your photos to your letter and receive it in the future.

Is there a maximum character or paper limit?

For standard plan, the maximum characters you can reach is 7,000. For premium plan, there isn’t character limitation but there will be a limitation on the weight of the letter. Your letter should be under 40 grams. An ideal estimation is to have less than 8 A4 papers in the letter. A piece of A4 paper is roughly about 5 grams.

Can I make changes to what I wrote in a letter?

This wouldn’t be fair, would it? SG Letter is a project launched to encapsulate your feelings and thoughts at a specific moment in your past. If you make changes to the letter, you will lose the meaning of writing yourself a letter in the past. Therefore, it is not possible to change the content of your letter after submission.

What Mode Of Payment Is Accepted?

SG Letter currently accept 3 mode of payment.

  1. PayPal
  2. Bank Transfer
  3. Concealed Cash

PayPal: Wish to pay by credit card/debit card? You don’t need an account with PayPal to check out! PayPal allows you to pay by MasterCard, VISA, Discover, American Express, JCB and even UnionPay.
Bank Transfer: Transfer the payment by bank transfer to our account! Upon check out, our bank account number and details will be shared with you. We will be providing you with our bank name and bank account number to transfer the fund to.
Concealed Cash: Make your payment by sending cash directly to our address. Our address is: Mail Box 884191, Singapore 919191.

*Please use your Order ID as the payment reference. Your order won’t be mailed until the funds have cleared.

Why is my order cancelled?


All pending orders will be cancelled within 2 days if payment have not been received. Payment should be made within the next 48 hours upon check out.

Got a question not listed here?

Get in touch with us! You can write to us directly via-email at or drop us a message/call/what’s app at +65 9127 8879.