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Our Procedure

Wondering about the procedure to write yourself a letter and how SG Letter will send it to you in the future? Fret not because at SG Letter, we believe in simplicity and flexibility. We build our procedures to fit your specific requirements.

Write Your Letter

1. Write Your Letter
Depending on your plan, you can choose to write your letter online and submit through our website or through a pen and paper style and mail it to us.

Safe & Secure Storage

2. Send Your Letter To Us
Letters submitted online will be stored in our secured and encrypted sever while letters send to our address will be kept in a locked, fireproof safe at a secure location.

Receive Your Letter

3. Receive Your Letter
Receiving your letter based on the duration you have set. In addition, you can track your letter location progress with a unique tracking code given to you.

Still unsure about SG Letter procedure? Contact us today and our customer support will be attending to you shortly within 2 working days.