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Hand Writing

Premium Plan

Take a pen and paper and write your letter because the future would love to know what you’re thinking and feeling. With premium plan, you will receive your letter on your specified date, unlimited years of storage and send to you by local registered postage.


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Wish to send yourself, friends or family a letter in the future? Isn’t it frustrating when you wrote a letter for the future but couldn’t find the letter anymore or you’ve forgot about it? Don’t you hate it when you didn’t have a reminder to open that letter?

Fret not! SG Letter provides 2 plans to solve your needs and wants. With premium plan, you will receive the deluxe. Just take a pen and paper to write your letter or type it online. You’ll receive it on the specified date stated upon purchase. You have a wider choice of storage with no limitation of years. Your letter will be send to you by local registered postage.

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